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Competition periods as guided by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)

Saloon Cars Pre-80

Historic Saloon Cars are production saloon cars marketed before 31st December 1979. Cars must be out of production for 20 years.

Saloon Cars Pre-90

These Historic Cars shall be defined as production type cars raced, registered and produced post 1 January 1980 but prior to 31 December 1989. These cars and any derivative thereof must be out of production for at least 20 years after this cut-off date pre-1990. 

Previously Raced

These cars are original race cars as they were raced in the period and must retain their identical bodywork, colour scheme, engine and drive train as was originally raced. These may be raced by invitation only

Replica Race Cars

These cars are replications of previously raced cars as were raced within the period but are not the genuine original cars.  These cars are intended to be built conforming to the original car in all aspects and must be pre-approved before being built.

Regulations that guide Historic Car Racing in South Africa

about us

To promote and preserve as best possible, era correct historic racing saloon cars in South Africa.

You will never know the feeling of a driver when winning a race. The helmet hides feelings that cannot be understood.

All improvements and modifications to the vehicles are to be done in accordance with the Historic Car Racing Rules so that, as far as possible, the specifications of the period are preserved and modifications of performance and behaviour which could arise through the application of modern technology are as far as possible prevented.

This type of competition is not simply another formula in which to acquire trophies, it is a discipline apart, in which one of the essential ingredients is devotion to the cars and to their history. Historic Car Racing enables the active celebration of the History of the Motor Car.

In summary, the aim is to retain the essence of a period race car and not to create a modern race car within a classic shell.

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People working tirelessly behind the scenes to improve historic racing locally.

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