Historic Racing (WPMC)

Historic Car Racing

Greetings and salutations to all the WPMC Classic car members. Let’s make our July event a huge success. Let us support and encourage each other in getting there. In times like these, we ALL need to work and enjoy the “gees” as one. Thanks to YOU, the competitor, for all the efforts involved in making this a success.

Our subvention is currently @ R750 per entry and if we get 30 cars or more an additional R50 per entry will be kindly sponsored by Gunter Drotschie from G&A Promotions. And that’s not all folk, as equalling offers have now in addition also be made by Craig Harker, Geoff Bihl as well as Dave Alhadeff. A sincere thanks from one and all of us for these most generous offers so as to assist competitors during these times.

We are here to help and if anything is needed, please let us know.
Jared @ 078 Five74 8302

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