Parow Multi-Car Club Meeting


Fellow historic racers and friends were invited to a social event organized by Malcolm Uytenbogaardt which also combined their noggin with a slight difference at the Parow Multi-Car Club.

After due feedback and report back details were dealt with relating to the historic competitors on the previous race meeting,  driver of the day (DOD) was awarded to Trevor Momberg while the driver of exceptional skill (DOES) was awarded to Geoff Bhil. 

Two historic competition cars were made available for the event whereafter some of their finer details were provided by each driver i.e. Ferdi Mouton (Ford Mustang) and Andrea Bate (Morris Minor).  

The final event of the championship is to be held on eh 6 November 2021 at Killarney Raceway International.

Historic Racing steps up a gear amidst COVID


While still in a COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown, every driver and his crew have to simply do whatever it takes to keep safe and avoid any potential of becoming infected with this rampant pandemic.  That being said, the Western Cape Historic racing category has quietly and diligently been hard at work in the background swelling up the troops.  Sponsors have come forward so as to assist in getting as many competitors to enter during these difficult financial times while still ensuring that the sport remains alive and continues to flourish under these trying circumstances. 

Come 10 July, the Historic Racing category will be taking to the grid with no less than 36 entries already committed and with at least another potential 10 entries yet to be confirmed.  This will be one of the biggest historic car fields taking to the grid this season in these difficult times.  

So, who in class A will be able to top Franco Donadio in his 2.0L Ford Escort Mk1?  Fierce competition will be coming from no less than 5 fellow competitors i.e. Trevor Momberg in his V6 Ford Capri, Charles Arton in his very quick Datsun 240Z, Michael Hitchcock in his potent V8 Ford Mustang, Andrew Honeywill in his Porsche 944 Turbo, and the return of Louis Powell in his 2.0L Meissner Ford Escort.

Class B is anyone’s call and will see the likes of Geoff Bihl (Porsche 944), Kean Barnard (Opel Kadette), Bruce Avern-Taplin (Toyota Corolla) and Mr. Never Give Up, Jared Thomson (Cortina 3.0 S) doing battle.

Class C usually dishes up the best of the rest where some close racing is always on the cards.  Heading up the class will be Trevor Hutchings (VW Scirocco), Jonathan Gunn (VW Scirocco), Herman de Kock (Ford Escort), Deon Gouws (Kadette GTE), Derek Wilsnagh (Anglia), Steve Truter (Ford Escort), and Clifford Bacon (BMW 535).  

In class D we can expect some scores to be settled among Jaco van Zyl (Anglia) and Ernest Leite (Fiat 128) with competition coming from Jaques Blom (Cosworth Ford Sierra) and Dirk Nolte (Ford Escort).

Class E sees a welcomed return of Tony Kent (Anglia) and will be looking to take  top honors from Niel Mouton (Alfa Guilia), Gerrit van Zyl (Anglia), and Leon van Lienden (Alfa GT)

In class X (new car/driver) there are a few new cars and drivers (currently standing on 4) which will be taking to the grid on debut.

With a good field and yet more to come, this sure looks to be a cracker event for historic racing in the Cape this coming 10th July 2021.  More details to follow as they are made available.

Zwartkops Raceway – PFS

20th PFS

20th Passion for Speed

The 20th Passion for Speed event will finally go ahead and take place at Zwartkops Raceway from 18-20 June 2021.  This will be a jam packed event with competitors travelling from all corners of the country including Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, KZN and which will have a slightly different take and feel to it.  With no less than 16 different categories taking part over the weekend and ranging from the 1960’s all the way up to the modern Extreme GT3 cars, this has it all for those with a passion for speed.

The Pre-80 Midvaal Historic category will take to the grid on the Saturday and will also include Greats Of The Past (GOTP).  This category alone already has 50 confirmed entries with a reserve list likely still to come.  The HRSA Pre-80 historic cars will take place on the Sunday along with the Persuit Series, Lotus Challenge, Bridgestone BMW Car Club, and Formula Vee.

Regretfully, this will also be the first ever Passion for Speed of this magnitude that will also sadly be without spectators due to government Level-2 restrictions in place for the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Program of Events


Historic Racing (WPMC)

Historic Car Racing

Greetings and salutations to all the WPMC Classic car members. Let’s make our July event a huge success. Let us support and encourage each other in getting there. In times like these, we ALL need to work and enjoy the “gees” as one. Thanks to YOU, the competitor, for all the efforts involved in making this a success.

Our subvention is currently @ R750 per entry and if we get 30 cars or more an additional R50 per entry will be kindly sponsored by Gunter Drotschie from G&A Promotions. And that’s not all folk, as equalling offers have now in addition also be made by Craig Harker, Geoff Bihl as well as Dave Alhadeff. A sincere thanks from one and all of us for these most generous offers so as to assist competitors during these times.

We are here to help and if anything is needed, please let us know.
Jared @ 078 Five74 8302

Power Series 2 – March 7, 2020

The first race is upon us and promises to be a good one. With fine weather predicted at around 24 degrees max on Saturday we can look forward to a dry race letting the drivers give their cars the best shot at performing. As its the first race set for points, everybody will be out there giving it horns. 
Quali is set to start at 10am with the first race set at 13:40 followed by 16:10 for a nice late afternoon race.
As always it promises to be a wide variety of cars on display. Whether you consider yourself a Ford man or an appreciator of Italian infused Alfas, there is something for everyone. O yes, there will also be VW’s

19th Passion For Speed

Historic Car Racing

Rudolf de Vos simply streaked into the distance in heat one with the Little Chev V8 cruising after the Ford Escort 2.3 of Franco Donadio expired with overheating. Eric van der Merwe gave valiant chase in heat two but the Lynx Motorsport Porsche 944T had to settle for second overall. With a break out time of 1min24 in class A it was impressive to see this Can Am circulate at 1min21.194. Trevor Momberg quietly slipped into third overall with his always immaculate Ford Capri Interceptor 3.4 V6 with Jaco Lambert fourth in his almost to modern looking VW Motorsport VW Jetta.

Erik Mouton managed to miss all the obstacles and sort of stayed on the circuit long enough to bring Battlestar Galactica alias the Chevrolet De Ville 6.3 V8 home in fifth place whilst Malcom Uytenbogaardt overworked the rubber on the Carter’s Boys Ford Granada Perana V8 in sixth spot. Dr Geoff Bihl won class B in his Lynx Motorsport Porsche 944 with Trevor Hutchings claiming first in class C with the No1 HSC Racing VW Scirocco. James Matthee won class D in his Honda CRX 1.6 with Steve Hallett claiming a debut class E win in his very neat Ford Capri 3.4 V6. Steve racing with the use of only one arm – and he used to race superbikes like that! Andrea Bate claimed class F in the Rob Tissington Morris Minor 1200.

Amongst the visiting crews it was Christopher Radloff that impressed most in his Toyota Corona. Eighth overall for the day certainly good going. Tim Boles had a good drive cut short in the Colin Ellison Ford Thunderbolt when something let go in the differential whilst the little Bestune Fabrication BMC Mini Morris 850 of Shawn Bester certainly found itself in amongst some heavy guns. – Patrick Vermaak ©

See for full details and photographs of this past event.

Historic Car Registration Day (2020)

Historic Car Racing

An above expected turnout from competitors in the historic racing category (38 in total with some 12 regular competitors yet to be presented) was done on Saturday 11 January 2020 whereby for the first time in a long time the category committee planned well in advance for all historic cars to be checked for compliance.  What was initially perceived perhaps as being a bit nerve racking turned out to be a fantastic day for the category.

Cars were lined up from as early as 08h30 on the day and boy did they turn up in full support of the registration day.  Not only were cars checked for compliance from both top and under neath but all cars were also weighed to ensure that their race weight was within that as is permitted within the category’s regulations.

Performed with a fantastic camaraderie among all historic competitions made the days efforts so much more worthwhile and many walked away not only feeling relieved but many with a broad smile of satisfaction as we head toward the 2020 season yet to get under way.

The day’s proceedings also ensured that food & beverage refreshments were provided for all competitors present and it sure had the atmosphere for a great season ahead.

The historic category under the leadership of the section chairman Jared Thompson, was most pleased with the above expected competitor turnout and thanked everyone for their full co-operation in ensuring that the Western Cape region slowly regains its rightful place in historic racing with a full compliment of both Pre-80 and Pre-90 competition cars for the season ahead.

(The Western Cape have been the custodians of the more modern Pre-90 category since 2016 and the Historic Motoring Commission has now adopted the category to be rolled out on a national basis throughout South Africa as from 2020)