Historic Sporting Regulations (WPMC)

National Pre-80 Technical Regulations

National Pre-90 Technical Regulations

General Competition Rules (GCR’s)

General Competition Regulations 2022


MSA National Historic Circular 1 of 2021

MSA Circulars

MSA General Circular 11 of 2021

MSA General Circular 11 of 2021

Documentation Forms

2022 National (Self) Scrutineering Form

National Scrutineering Form V2

Version: 2

Historic HTP Document

To be completed manually. (By hand)

Historic HTP Document (Interactive)

Interactive document. (Fill in and print electronically)

Adobe Reader

HTP Declaration Page

Event Forms

Race Entry Form

2022 Power Series Entry Form

Supplementary Regulations

COVID-19 Daily Screening Questionnaire

COVID-19 Daily Screen Questionnaire

COVID-19 Attendance Register

COVID-19 Attendance Register

Version: 2

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