Historic Racing steps up a gear amidst COVID


While still in a COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown, every driver and his crew have to simply do whatever it takes to keep safe and avoid any potential of becoming infected with this rampant pandemic.  That being said, the Western Cape Historic racing category has quietly and diligently been hard at work in the background swelling up the troops.  Sponsors have come forward so as to assist in getting as many competitors to enter during these difficult financial times while still ensuring that the sport remains alive and continues to flourish under these trying circumstances. 

Come 10 July, the Historic Racing category will be taking to the grid with no less than 36 entries already committed and with at least another potential 10 entries yet to be confirmed.  This will be one of the biggest historic car fields taking to the grid this season in these difficult times.  

So, who in class A will be able to top Franco Donadio in his 2.0L Ford Escort Mk1?  Fierce competition will be coming from no less than 5 fellow competitors i.e. Trevor Momberg in his V6 Ford Capri, Charles Arton in his very quick Datsun 240Z, Michael Hitchcock in his potent V8 Ford Mustang, Andrew Honeywill in his Porsche 944 Turbo, and the return of Louis Powell in his 2.0L Meissner Ford Escort.

Class B is anyone’s call and will see the likes of Geoff Bihl (Porsche 944), Kean Barnard (Opel Kadette), Bruce Avern-Taplin (Toyota Corolla) and Mr. Never Give Up, Jared Thomson (Cortina 3.0 S) doing battle.

Class C usually dishes up the best of the rest where some close racing is always on the cards.  Heading up the class will be Trevor Hutchings (VW Scirocco), Jonathan Gunn (VW Scirocco), Herman de Kock (Ford Escort), Deon Gouws (Kadette GTE), Derek Wilsnagh (Anglia), Steve Truter (Ford Escort), and Clifford Bacon (BMW 535).  

In class D we can expect some scores to be settled among Jaco van Zyl (Anglia) and Ernest Leite (Fiat 128) with competition coming from Jaques Blom (Cosworth Ford Sierra) and Dirk Nolte (Ford Escort).

Class E sees a welcomed return of Tony Kent (Anglia) and will be looking to take  top honors from Niel Mouton (Alfa Guilia), Gerrit van Zyl (Anglia), and Leon van Lienden (Alfa GT)

In class X (new car/driver) there are a few new cars and drivers (currently standing on 4) which will be taking to the grid on debut.

With a good field and yet more to come, this sure looks to be a cracker event for historic racing in the Cape this coming 10th July 2021.  More details to follow as they are made available.

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