Historic Car Registration Day (2020)

Historic Car Racing

An above expected turnout from competitors in the historic racing category (38 in total with some 12 regular competitors yet to be presented) was done on Saturday 11 January 2020 whereby for the first time in a long time the category committee planned well in advance for all historic cars to be checked for compliance.  What was initially perceived perhaps as being a bit nerve racking turned out to be a fantastic day for the category.

Cars were lined up from as early as 08h30 on the day and boy did they turn up in full support of the registration day.  Not only were cars checked for compliance from both top and under neath but all cars were also weighed to ensure that their race weight was within that as is permitted within the category’s regulations.

Performed with a fantastic camaraderie among all historic competitions made the days efforts so much more worthwhile and many walked away not only feeling relieved but many with a broad smile of satisfaction as we head toward the 2020 season yet to get under way.

The day’s proceedings also ensured that food & beverage refreshments were provided for all competitors present and it sure had the atmosphere for a great season ahead.

The historic category under the leadership of the section chairman Jared Thompson, was most pleased with the above expected competitor turnout and thanked everyone for their full co-operation in ensuring that the Western Cape region slowly regains its rightful place in historic racing with a full compliment of both Pre-80 and Pre-90 competition cars for the season ahead.

(The Western Cape have been the custodians of the more modern Pre-90 category since 2016 and the Historic Motoring Commission has now adopted the category to be rolled out on a national basis throughout South Africa as from 2020)