Post Race Power Series 4


We dedicated the day to Alfa and had a fantastic turnout from the Alfa club who joined us for the fan walk and made quite an impression with their awesome mechanical works of art.

With a good entry, 24 cars made it to the track. Upfront current championship leader and raining champion Franco qualified pole, Michael Hitchcock seemed to be in the mood to race and snatched the lead from Franco in heat one, heat 2 went the way of Michael again, and unfortunately, Franco retired with a mechanical failure. Charles Arton in the ever quick Datsun could not catch Michael and managed a second place for the day, with Eric Van Der Merwe in his Pre 90 Porsche 944T in 3 rd Place.

Class B was dominated by Ferdi Mouton (Mustang V8), Geoff Bihl in his Porsche 944 put in a solid performance for his 2 nd place. Jarrod Thomson recovered from his fuel pump issues in heat 2 and managed a 3 rd for the day.

Class C was a family affair with Layne Hutchings in his Pre 90 Golf Mk2 GTi beating out his old man Trevor in his Pre 80 Scirroco, in third place was J-W Andre De la Porte in his magnificent Datsun.

Class D went the way of Ernst Viljoen in his beautiful Alfa Junior Sprint, Ernst spent most of his race challenging the class C driver Trevor Hutchings, the two of them neck and neck with a classic race between front vs rear-wheel drive legends. 2nd Place went to Jacques Blom in his Pre 90 Sierra Cosworth.

Class E was as usual an Epic battle between the Anton Rollino Morris Minor and the Alfa Guilia Super of Neil Mouton. Anton took heat 1 and Neil heat 2 and the overall win for the day.

The driver of the Day went to Michael Hitchcock for his exceptional performance

Newcomer and main sponsor Clinton Laurens from Laude Classic cars in his impressive Jaguar Xj-S V12 (Thundercat) received the Does Trophy ( Driver of Exceptional Skill ) of the day for his exceptional spins in quali and heat one.

Chris Carolin went exceptionally well rocketing to class C. Wynand Nell was unlucky with a mechanical failure in Qualifying.

Power Series 3

As it currently stands for the 14th of May 2022 Power Series Round 3 event, huge back-end efforts have undoubtedly been made all to make this one exciting! With 23 confirmed entries and a possible 2 more still in the works, this should be a goodie!!

Beginning with Class X, Father & Son Rob / Matthew Rowe return after Rob has been out for some time; he will be competing in his newly BMW 2002, while his son will be driving the other 2002 Turbo version and will be pitted against Trevor Fisk’s Escort, who has been assigned to the “Invitation group.”

Melt Carstens in his Ford Cortina Mk1 will be attempting to better his personal best of 1.41.172 and gaining valuable experience as the only entrant in Class F.

In Class E, we should have a good battle with the Alfa Guilia Super of Niel Mouton, the Morris Minor of Anton Rollino (Driver of the Day at the previous event), and the Porsche 944 Turbo of Devin Pillay, who have all been posting good times and showing progression.

Class C, always one of the most exciting classes with great entries, will see Trevor Hutchings in his Scirocco challenged by Martin Bensch in his Ford Capri V6, Jared Thomson in his Ford Cortina 3.0S, and Deon Conradie in his Toyota Conquest RSi, not to mention Dion Valentine’s Mini Leyland, Bryon Bedien Datsun SSS, Herman de Kock mk1 Ford Escort, and Layne Hutchings in his

Class B will be quieter for Bruce Avern Taplin (Pre 90) and his Toyota Corolla, which had a problem the last time out, but we are confident he will be on pace.

Class A should be just as exciting as was the previous event. With Franco Donadio in his Mk1 Escort, Charles Arton in his Datsun 240Z being hard pressed by Dave Kopke in his Mazda R100, the entertainment from them was fantastic last time.  Trevor Momberg will be racing for the first time this season in his Ford Capri V6, making class A a fierce line up. The Pre 90 contingents will also compete, with Dave Alhadeff in his BMW e30 325is, Eric vd Merwe in his Porsche 944 Turbo, and Andrew Honeywill in his Porsche 944 Turbo.

We would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors for their ongoing support, which is greatly appreciated!

Power Series 1


Laude Classic Cars Class A 

Charles Arton had the Ford fans sit up and take notice of the fact that the Datsun 240Z was back, on pole by 0.267sec, and that straight six was purring with intent. Franco Donadio might have been unhappy to find himself second on the grid, but as a veteran of many categories of very competitive motorsport relished the fact that the Donadio Plant Hire Ford Escort MkI 1 2.0 Pinto finally faced a fair challenge.

Charles Arton did not disappoint from the start with Franco tucked into the boot of the Z for most of the opening laps and then coming out of Malmesbury Sweep / Turn 4 the Datsun acted like a Ford and expired with oil starvation problems. 

Franco pretty much on his own could control the pace and entertained with a mixture of clean hard driving and a touch of oval track entertainment. What was clear however was that this was a driver enjoying every second behind the wheel of a really well sorted race car.

Eric van der Merwe is quite the opposite as the Lynx Motorsport Porsche 944 Turbo rarely steps out of line and second place was well dserved after another squeaky neat drive from lights to flag. 

Michael Hitchcock brought a touch of Shelby magic to Killarney and the Cross Cape Forklift Services 1967 Ford Mustang V8 was driven a measure of caution as the handling was still considered slightly unpredictable. 

Dave Alhadeff and his Tony Viana lookalike MSP Racing BMW E30 325iS could not live with the flying Scirocco but fourth in class was adequate reward for a neat drive with the Gulf liveried Porsche 944 Turbo of Andrew Honeywill completing the class A result.

Heat 2 started minus the Arton Datsun and Honeywill Porsche with Franco Donadio playing to the delight of the many spectators enroute to another dominant victory. Now who will drive the Escort when Franco eventually finishes the much anticipated Chev Can Am!

Eric van der Merwe again kept his nose clean in the Porsche with Hitchcock third and Alhadeff fourth. This also the overall order after two heats.


Laude Classic Cars Class B 

Jonathan Gunn placed his VW Scirocco on pole with Ferdi Mouton second in the red Ford Mustang in what was to be a slight mismatch in performance.

The light, nimble and extremely quick  Scirocco truly running like the Libyan wind, chasing after the overall front runners, finishing a mighty fourth in Heat 1 whilst the Cross Cape Forklift Service Ford Mustang V8 showed a lack of pace, trailing a smoke screen and eventually dropping out after six laps.

Having suffered a cracked engine block during the finale meeting of 2021 the new engine is still in process and the interim engine simply could not deliver the same performance. Retirement in heat 1 was due to a faulty coil.

Heat 2 and the Scirocco failed to start, leaving the ailing Cross Cape Forklift Services Ford Mustang V8 of Ferdi Mouton to win as it pleased.

Somehow the Scirocco will probably return even faster and hopefully reliable to sneak into class A eventually whilst the Ford will be back on all eight cylinders for April in anticipation of the returning Chevrolet threat


Laude Classic cars Class C 

Layne Hutchings beat Trevor Hutchings by a mere 0.713sec after nine laps of door to door racing in Heat 1. Trevor started from pole in class C with the always immaculately prepared HSC Racing Jagermeister VW Scirocco with the Volkswagen Motorsport replica Volkswagen Golf MkII GTi of Layne Hutchings in hot pursuit of his father and slipstreaming past at the chequered flag. 

The Lucky Strike Racing liveried Compact Robotics Ford Capri of Martin Bensch quietly circulated to third spot and though it may lack the V8 grunt of it’s senior contemporaries this car always reminds of the Kyalami 9 Hour when Jochen Mass and Dieter Klemser raced the Lucky Strike Ford Capri RS2600 in the Springbok Series. 

Jan-Willem Andrë de la Porte had to change the headgasket on his Datsun 240Z coming into the event and he drove the neat Z to fourth in class.

Heat two saw Trevor Hutchings run away to a 16.074sec victory over the Capri of Martin Bensch. Unfortunately the challenge from Layne Hutchings faltered after four laps and the 240Z could only complete four laps.

Overall Trevor Hutchings and the Jagermeister Scirocco took line honours from Martin Bensch and the Lucky Strike Ford Capri with Layne Hutchings in third and De la Porte fourth.

Expect the family challenge to continue in April!


Laude Classic Cars Class E 

Better known as the driver of a very visually appealing Chev Can Am V8 getting behind the wheel of a Morris Minor 1275 could not be considered much of a challenge – but you are wrong!

With no reserves in power chipping away at the fastest time becomes incredibly challenging as most of those tiny improvements relate to input from the driver. Understanding the how what where and when of this immaculately built classic has Anton working extremely hard to break through the 1min37 bracket in the Rob Tissington machine.

A persistent misfire did frustrate the little green machine on the day but two finishes and another sixteen laps experience behind the wheel has Anton confident that he will be coming back quicker in April.


Laude Classic Cars Class X 

Vance Kearney made it worthwhile to visit from the Uk when he claimed victory in Heat 1 with the yellow VW Jetta MkI, 5.456sec clear of the 2nd placed Alfa Romeo Bertone Sprint driven by Ernst Viljoen. 

Deven Pillay third in his black Porsche 944 Turbo with Melt Carstens fourth in the Koos Swanepoel replica Ford Cortina MkII. 

Sadly Hamilton Goode suffered a blown clutch on lap three in the Ian Thompson owned Ingvar Carlson rally replica Mercedes Benz 280 CE. This one powered by a V8 engine, but virtually standard otherwise.

Ingvar Carlsson is a Swedish born (2 April 1947) rally driver who passed away in Nykoping (28 October 2009) aged 62. Carlsson started rallying in won two World Rally Championship events in 1989 with the Group A Mazda 323 4WD (Sweden and New Zealand). On both occasions his navigator was the totally unrelated Per Carlsson.

Vance Kearney repeated the feat in the second heat with Deven Pillay slotting into second spot and Ernst Viljoen dropping to third place. Melt Carstens demonstrated the term understeer out of Patemina Fastron / Turn 5 and would eventually finish fourth in class.

Class X caters for new combinations and includes cars that do not fully comply with the Classic Car rules but may compete on invitation. Inevitably class X will always remain non scoring with respect to championship points and a very mixed entry.

It never the less opens the door for future classic drivers / cars to test the water and as such forms a valuable part of the Laude Classic Car structure.

Vance Kearney the comfortable overall victor in the nimble and quick VW Jetta with Ernst Viljoen in the classic Alfa Romeo second and Deven Pillay third in his neat Porsche. Melt Carstens and the classic Ford Cortina MkII home in fourth.

It is anticipated that a number of new combinations will making their class X debut during the April meeting, including the much anticipated Jaguar XJS duo.   


Parow Multi-Car Club Meeting


Fellow historic racers and friends were invited to a social event organized by Malcolm Uytenbogaardt which also combined their noggin with a slight difference at the Parow Multi-Car Club.

After due feedback and report back details were dealt with relating to the historic competitors on the previous race meeting,  driver of the day (DOD) was awarded to Trevor Momberg while the driver of exceptional skill (DOES) was awarded to Geoff Bhil. 

Two historic competition cars were made available for the event whereafter some of their finer details were provided by each driver i.e. Ferdi Mouton (Ford Mustang) and Andrea Bate (Morris Minor).  

The final event of the championship is to be held on eh 6 November 2021 at Killarney Raceway International.

Zwartkops Raceway – PFS

20th PFS

20th Passion for Speed

The 20th Passion for Speed event will finally go ahead and take place at Zwartkops Raceway from 18-20 June 2021.  This will be a jam packed event with competitors travelling from all corners of the country including Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, KZN and which will have a slightly different take and feel to it.  With no less than 16 different categories taking part over the weekend and ranging from the 1960’s all the way up to the modern Extreme GT3 cars, this has it all for those with a passion for speed.

The Pre-80 Midvaal Historic category will take to the grid on the Saturday and will also include Greats Of The Past (GOTP).  This category alone already has 50 confirmed entries with a reserve list likely still to come.  The HRSA Pre-80 historic cars will take place on the Sunday along with the Persuit Series, Lotus Challenge, Bridgestone BMW Car Club, and Formula Vee.

Regretfully, this will also be the first ever Passion for Speed of this magnitude that will also sadly be without spectators due to government Level-2 restrictions in place for the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Program of Events


Historic Racing (WPMC)

Historic Car Racing

Greetings and salutations to all the WPMC Classic car members. Let’s make our July event a huge success. Let us support and encourage each other in getting there. In times like these, we ALL need to work and enjoy the “gees” as one. Thanks to YOU, the competitor, for all the efforts involved in making this a success.

Our subvention is currently @ R750 per entry and if we get 30 cars or more an additional R50 per entry will be kindly sponsored by Gunter Drotschie from G&A Promotions. And that’s not all folk, as equalling offers have now in addition also be made by Craig Harker, Geoff Bihl as well as Dave Alhadeff. A sincere thanks from one and all of us for these most generous offers so as to assist competitors during these times.

We are here to help and if anything is needed, please let us know.
Jared @ 078 Five74 8302

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